Understanding Differences Between An Assault And Aggravated Assault

There are many differences between an aggravated assault charge and a general assault charge. Some facts and factors can even change an assault charge to an aggravated assault charge. The punishment which comes along with such charges also depend upon the degree of the charge, whether it is just an assault charge or an aggravated assault charge, and vary accordingly. For instance, the punishment for assault charges and battery are often almost the same and can even be interchangeable at times, however they are two different crimes.

When a person threats another person or imposes violence, then these acts can be taken as assault. This means that the person without making any form of contact can be charged with assault charges. On the other hand, battery charges are classified on the basis of touch or contact. A criminal charged with battery charges means that the he or she have had some kind of touch or unwanted contact with the victim either in the form of a push, a shove, slap, kick or hit, punch etc. Therefore, the basic difference between an assault and battery is on the basis of the form of touch. If you are charged with these offences a criminal defence lawyer Perth can help you to a great extent. These lawyers are experts and specialised in safeguarding the interests of a person or company charged with such serious offenses which are unlawful in nature and society. 

To be more specific, when an assault takes place, the threat must be such that it appears to be more than just words and the offender should seem capable enough of carrying it out. Even if no contact has been made, the offender can face charges on the basis of his intentions of harming. And criminal lawyers can be hired in case of such types of criminal cases. For instance, experts dealing with legal law of the country can help change an assault to an aggravated one or vice versa. Lots of factors come to play in order to justify the elevation or demotion of the charges.

The law of the land also comes in picture when there is an elevation in charges from a simple assault charges to an aggravated assault charges. Carrying a deadly weapon at the time of the threat, the offenders past criminal record, the victim’s background and the degree of assault all are important factors which are taken into consideration when a charge is made.

Generally, a simple assault charge will lead to spend days in jail along with fine. And aggravated assault charges can cause a sentence of five years along with a huge amount of money as fine. Countries like Australia and others have their own rulings on such charges.