What Is Wrong With Legal System

Everything is wrong with the legal system. The cases are basically divided into criminal and civil cases. The civil cases are dither divided into various aspects.

The normal human beings will go to courts for the traffic laws offences and petition stuff like that. But, there is one huge problem with the latest version of law and help you stake your claim. Family law, property law and last but not least the divorce law are three important deadly laws in the legal system. These laws are leaving broken families to be trampled by psychological problems. Law should not just look at physical and economic well-being of families. The law is responsible to look into the welfare of the people in all aspects.

The civil litigation branch is asked to take care of these kind of things. Let’s take a scenario in the underdeveloped countries where divorce is a common thing. People are not asked to go for a marriage council before they are granted divorce. Children’s are split up.

Famous psychologists like Albert Bandura, Jean Piaget and several other behaviourist and child development psychologists, have spoken about the development stages and affects bad scenario affecting them. Kids who are exposed to divorce and unstable families as kids, they lose their belief on these things as kids and that will affect their life’s as elders and adults. You can find there is a huge uneven phrase in their own relationships.

Sometimes, it worse for the one of the parties because divorce will be given on three factors. The first factor that can give a divorce is separation on mutual agreement or if one party leaves the house the couples where resides in. This does not mean the small ones or silly ones. The second phrase for divorce is adultery. This is hardest lane to get divorce on. Even if the person is cheating on their other half with one person, it can be misplaced and the motor vehicle accident lawyers Brisbane can twist the plate. The other one is if the person has multiple partner or sex with prostitutes this is not possible. The prostitutes would not give their real names to their customers. Thus, it will be hard to prove in courts.

The last level of getting a divorce is getting on the grounds of impotency. This also has its own limitations. If the impotency is present from the time of marriage then the couple can split. If the partner acquired it as a result of accident or any other reason outside marriage, then it is important to accept the fact and divorce will not be granted. These reasons would affect the kids’ mental being.